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Life is Tough, Wear a Hard Hat!

Little did I know how eventful my life would actually be.

But then again, I take it as just another sign as to my true calling in life. I have already survived numerous challenges in my 60 years on this planet, but I truly believe they were all part of the master plan; to prepare me to help others get through their own tough times.

Why the hard hat reference, you might ask? After the sudden death of my first husband in 2002, at the young age of 49, I found myself thrown in to a position where I had to buy a hard hat. For the next 8 years I worked on a scrap metal truck, continuing the business my late husband had started, doing what I felt was necessary to maintain as much normalcy in the lives of my three sons.

The next few years were filled with adventure, which ultimately led me to meet and marry my second husband, 6 years ago today. After 10 amazing years together and the addition of his two incredible sons to my already fabulous and supportive family, the unthinkable occurred again and he suddenly passed away on Feb 23 of this year, while playing tennis.

As terrible as both these events were in my life, I believe it has been my positive outlook and my ability to "keep on trucking" that has kept me going. These are some of the traits I hope to pass on to my clients, to help you meet the challenges you face "head on" and reach the goals you have for yourself.

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