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I am one of those people, like it or not, who believes that 'everything happens for a reason' and 'there are no accidents' in life.  

We may never know the reason or might figure it out years later but being the spiritual person I am, I always try to remain positive and use my life experiences to better myself or those around me.  I suppose I could have been bitter about losing not one, but two husbands before turning 60 or dwelling on the chronic health issues I've had, ever since I can remember.  I could go on and on about what I've been through in life but I'd rather put a positive spin on my life and pride myself on the fabulous career I've had as well as how thankful I am for all the amazing friends and family that continue to surround and support me.  

Did any of this happen on it's own?  Do you think things would be this way if I had sat home and felt sorry for myself?     Somehow, I highly doubt it!

Things happen because you make them happen and you believe they can happen and I'm here to coach you and help see these things come to fruition.

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