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I've known Shelly for a few years. She is highly professional and very committed to every person that she works with. Shelly is very skilled as a life coach and when you work with her you can feel how much she cares. I would highly recommend her when looking for a life coach for yourself or someone you care about.

                              - Shirley Nussbaum, Psychotherapist                                                               Toronto, Ontario CANADA

I can say with confidence that Shelly Davine is one of the strongest, bravest, most empathetic people (not just women) that I know.  The vast life experiences that she has had, both career-wise and personal, give her the ability to connect with others in a way only possible from wisdom and understanding.  She is positive, trustworthy, open-minded and loving. A true friend and mentor, I respect her immensely. 

                              - M. Gonzalez, Oakville, Ontario CANADA



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