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Everywhere I turn there are Life Coaches.  

So what makes me different?

First of all, anyone can call themselves a Life Coach, as there are no regulations for this in Canada.  I've been 'coaching' people for most of my life but a couple of years ago I officially became a Certified Life Coach (CPC) as well as a Certified Master Business Coach (MBC).  This means that I, along with many others, took a course which actually taught me the proper way to coach.  It was a fabulous experience and my hope is to be able to pass along my expertise in this area, along with my numerous personal life experiences, which I believe were all part of my journey into helping others deal with the challenges we all face and reach the goals you wish to achieve in your lifetime.

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Facts about Me!

  • I'm an optimist realist, having lived the realities life can deliver but remaining positive about life

  • Have enjoyed multiple, fabulous careers and made the most of them all

  • Survived numerous , life-changing events and came out on top each time

  • There's a  reason why they call me , "small but MIGHTY"

  • Love helping others

  • Believe something good has to come out of the multiple challenges I've dealt with in my life

  • Really want to help you be the best you can be and achieve everything you dream of!

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